Wires and Wiring harness for R129, Mercedes SL class

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Mercedes R129 body Wires for sale

The Mercedes R129, a true gem from an early time, continues to hold its own in the competition with modern cars when it comes to looks and style. However, like any classic, it does come with its share of flaws. The most significant and potentially challenging issue with this car often lies in its wiring system. As it ages, the wiring may suffer from wear and tear, leading to damage or even complete malfunction of a specific system. If you find yourself in a similar spot, we are here to offer assistance by providing you with a refurbished OEM part delivered right to your doorstep.

What we supply

We provide our customers with revitalized OEM antenna wires, engine wires, in-board wires, airbag cable connectors, and various other types of R 129 body wires for sale, made by Mercedes themselves. While the antenna wire may show signs of wear, rest assured that its functionality remains intact, delivering the same reliable performance as new ones. Whether you're on the road or parked, our antenna cables ensure optimal signal reception. Airbag cable connectors that we sell are again OEM and they are in quite good condition and provide consistent connection between various components within the airbag system.

Why you should consider buying from us

We offer our customers an extensive array of new and used modifications for your Mercedes R129. For avid car collectors, we also provide OEM parts for the R129 at affordable prices, ensuring you have access to authentic components to enhance and maintain your prized vehicle. We aim to create enduring connections with our customers, centered around preserving the classic beauty of your R129, so it maintains the charm reminiscent of its golden days. Explore the offerings on our website at R129-parts.eu and allow us to help preserve the essence of your Mercedes R129.