Technical data of Mercedes-Benz 300 SL-24

Model code R129, in production 1989 - 1993 and 26,984 cars produced


Engine Six cylinders, two overhead camshafts
Valve arrangement 4 valves per cylinder, overhead, camshaft adjuster
Swept volume, eff. 2 960 ccm
Rated power as per 80/1269 EEC 170 kW / 231 DIN HP at 6300/min
Top engine speed 7000/min
Bore/stroke 88.50 x 80.20 mm
Compression ratio 10.0 : 1
Rated torque as per 80/1269 EEC 272 Nm at 4600/min
Mixture formation mechan./electronic CIS-E5
closed-loop 3-way catalyst
Crankcase oil capacity max/min 7.0 / 5.0 liters
Total oil capacity when changing oil and filter 7.5 liters
Cooling system Flat tubular aluminum radiator, plastic fan with fluid coupling

Power output diagram Mercedes-Benz M104 engine

Electrical system

Three-phase alternator 1.4 kW
Battery 12 V 72 Ah

Power transmission

Clutch Single-plate clutch with dual mass flywheel
Transmission 5-speed manual transmission GL 76/30 B-S
Optional: MB 4-speed torque converter automatic transmission W 4 A 040
Transmission ratios 4.15-2.52-1.69-1.24-1.0-4.15 (5-speed)
3.87-2.25-1.44-1.00-5.59 (automatic)
Pepe axle ratio 3.46 (5-speed)
3.46 (automatic)
Body Integral all-steel body, open, with detachable hardtop


Front axle Shock absorber strut independent front suspension with anti-dive control, coil springs on wishbones, gas-filled shock absorbers, negative steering offset, torsion bar stabilizer
Rear axle Multi-link independent rear suspension with anti-squat and anti-lift controls, coil springs, gas-filled shock absorbers, torsion bar stabilizer, level control all round, and electronically con­trolled damping system (ADS) available as optional extra
Brake system Hydraulic two-circuit brake system with vacuum brake booster
4-piston fixed caliper disc brakes, ventilated, front
2-piston fixed caliper disc brakes, rear
anti-lock braking system (ADS)
Steering MB power steering, 3 steering wheel revolutions from lock to lock
Tire size 225/55 R 16 Z
Rim size 8 J x 16

Dimensions and weights

Wheelbase 2515 mm
Track width 1532 mm front
1521 mm rear
Lenght 4465 mm
Width 1812 mm
Height 1286 mm (ready for driving with hardtop)
Turning circle 10.75 m
Fuel tank capacity 80 liters
Including reserve approx. 10 liters
Curb weight 1690 kg
Gross vehicle weight 2080 kg
Permissible axle loads 960 kg front
1140 kg rear
Permissible trailed 1500 kg
Power-to-weight ratio 9.94 kg/kW
7.30 kg/DIN HP

Test data

Top speed 240 km/h (5th speed)
Acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h, sec 8.4
1 km with standing start, seconds 28.8

Fuel consumption

Urban cycle 16.2 (liters/100 km)
90 km/h 8.8 (liters/100 km)
120 km/h 10.4 (liters/100 km)
According to regulation 80/1268/EEC

Mercedes-Benz SL all roof options